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  Requirements for installation of FRP pipes


  1。 Before installation, the pipeline shall check the contents concerning the installation of the pipeline, such as the nozzle of the equipment, the embedded parts, the reserved holes and the steel structure。


  2. The gradient of the pipeline should be adjusted according to the requirements of the drawings. The adjusting method can use the support to meet the gradient requirements. The welding seam should be set in a place convenient for maintenance and observation.


  3. The pipeline connected with the transmission equipment should be cleaned before installation, and the fixed pipe mouth should be far away from the equipment to avoid the influence of welding stress on the installation accuracy of the transmission equipment.


  4. Before connecting the pipe with the machine, the relative strength should be prevented, and the flange's parallelism and coaxiality should be checked under the free state.


  5, the safety valve should be installed vertically, and the safety valve should be adjusted in time for commissioning. The final adjustment of the safety valve is carried out on the system, and the opening and returning pressure must conform to the design documents.


pc蛋蛋抓规律  6. Before installing the valve, check its model according to the design document and determine its installation direction according to the medium flow direction. When the valve and pipe are flanged or threaded, the valve shall be installed in a closed state; if installed in a welded way, the valve shall not be closed.


  7. Temporary substitution of instrument components: All instrument components are installed with temporary components, and are formally installed before feeding after pressure test, flushing and purging.

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